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"I've been in the recruitment industry for over 30 years. My team and I are passionate matchmakers between healthcare providers and their staff. Based in Wellington, New Zealand we are proud to provide staff with opportunities for both personal and professional development and I hope they can take a few great stories away from their experiences of working for us."

Vinod Govind

Director - Mercury Medical Recruitment

GP Jobs NZ

General Practitioner – Auckland, New Zealand

Looking for a move to the big smoke? Our client is looking for a whanau (family)-focused doctor who is ready to make an impact!

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GP Jobs NZ

General Practitioner – Wellington, New Zealand

“The Coolest Little Capital in the World” – Lonely Planet

It’s also full of some of the coolest people in the world, who are looking for a GP to suit!

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GP Jobs NZ

General Practitioner – Christchurch, New Zealand

We have exciting opportunities that prioritise patient wellbeing as well as a work-life balance.

Think cycling through Adventure Park (Victoria Hills) or catching the local surf within minutes from work at Sumner Beach.

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“I have locumed through Mercury for over 13 years. They always have a friendly and human approach to me while holding extreme professionalism. They way they supported me is very comforting”.

Dr Sreemanti Chaudhuri

CST - Psychiatrist (United Kingdom)


I'm already employed as a doctor in Australia/New Zealand, can I take on this locum as well?

Yes. The employment contracts in Australia and/or New Zealand do not restrict your ability to take on other work like locums.

Do I have to pay for travel and accommodation?

In many arrangements your travel and accomodation is covered as part of the working arrangements. 

Do I have to organise the patients and roster?

No, we work with our clients and make sure you have a full roster and schedule.

What is the advantage of working with a medical recruitment agency?

The benefits of working as a doctor, nurse or healthcare staff with a medical recruitment agency such as Mercury, is not only that we have a deep knowledge of the market that you can tap into, but we also share relationships with many hospitals, increasing your chances of finding the role you are looking for. The other advantage of working with a solid healthcare recruitment agency includes our relations with compliancy agencies like New Zealand Medical Council and New Zealand Immigration.

Does this replace my current public or private work?

Most of our doctors do this to supplement their current work, but this is your choice and will depend on opportunities we have available. You can choose to do this in addition to your current work or as a replacement.

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